Spider-Man Funny Car Accessory Doll


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  • ✅ Material: plush doll Filler: Imported high-quality PP cotton Applicable models: General models Instructions for use: Before using the body paste Department clean, fixed doll shape, insert the base
  • ✅ Four dolls car core High-quality filled PP cotton Printed embroidery 3M acrylic adhesive Third-generation base: a new upgrade, easy to install, easy to disassemble The base is usually used for any smooth or less curved surface, the upper and lower parts of the base can be removed, left the car can be taken down on the car, anti-theft anti-dirty
  • ✅ Installation tutorial 1. Press and hold the base and slide it back to open the base 2. Uncover the base of paper 3. Wipe clean to put the position, put the base on 4. Gently press it to snug fit 5. Hold the doll base and push to keep it in the car 6.Finish
  • ✅ Roof decorative doll base, the base is divided into two layers, a layer of pasta on the roof, the second layer of the doll, PC plastic base, high hardness, no deformation, no cracking,
  • ✅ The doll itself is not lint, the production of cut plush material will produce some cut off hair, we will use high-power suction before shipping machine sucks it because of the daily shipments, it is inevitable there will be leak suction or not Sucked to the situation. Buyers mistakenly think that hair loss, in fact, as long as the pat outside or blow with a hairdryer. Sun in the sun to remove static electricity, the floating hair will naturally fall.

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