Grain Storage Box Wall-mounted Tank

Non-drilling wall hanging storage tank, it is easy to be installed with the included sticker and will leave no damage to the wall.

  • Transparent and visible, clearly showing the grain usage condition, enable users to fill it timely.
  • Press output, the grain in the storage tank can easily come out with the simple operation of one finger.
  • Good sealing, which can effectively prevent the grain from dampness in a humid environment.


1. The wall-mounted design is practical for home space-saving.
2. The transparent part makes it easier to check and clean.
3. Available for storing oat, coffee bean, cereal, soybean, etc.


  • Item Type: Grain Storage Box
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • 1500ml Size: 9.5*11.5*25.5cm
  • 1000ml Size: 9.5*11.5*19.5cm

Package Included:

  • Grain Storage Container with Sticker

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