Dual Comfort Seat Cushion Hips Lefter

''I have chronic back pain with sciatica and I decided to place an order. My lower back no longer hurt! I can sit for long periods of using this pillow. Now I have 2 cushions, one for the office and another for home. I'm using it for my meditation :). I'm very happy with this purchase! ''

- Jennifer M

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Sitting for great amounts of time, especially with an unsupported pelvis, can cause tons of discomfort. 

It may result in lower back pain, fatigue, improper sitting posture, and even poor blood circulation
This is why it is always important to ensure that we use chairs or other sitting paraphernalia, that will keep us comfortable and supported all the time.

This is where our Dual Comfort Cushion comes in.

Our cushion balances the pelvis and relieves pressure on the tailbone, hips, and spine.

It can turn any chair into an ergonomic, posture correcting, and pain-relieving seat

Made with soft plush material and dual temperature texture suitable for hot and cold weather.

Every type of postural position and movement that the body makes involves or impacts the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that help support posture.

Some lifestyle factors that may not seem directly related to posture are in fact crucial to overall postural health.

This is where our Dual Comfort Orthopedic Cushion comes in.


★ Corrected Sitting Posture - Dual Comfort Orthopedic Cushion is ergonomically designed, relieves pressure on the tailbone, hips, and spine help promotes blood circulation, will relief from lower back pain, numbness and pain from sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, back pain from pregnancy.

★ Orthopedic Support-   Dual-Shaped ergonomic design recommended by orthopedic surgeons for the treatment of chronic or acute pain by alleviating pressure in strategic areas. Helps relieve the following symptoms: lower back, lumbar, tailbone, prostate, hip, spine and leg pain.

★ Versatile - The seat cushion can be used anywhere. Car, office, sofa, kitchen chair, dinette, and travel.
★ Creative Design-  With elastic buckle, when you don't use it, it can be folded and stored, which is very convenient to store.
★ Soft Cover- Made with soft plush material and dual temperature texture suitable for hot and cold weather.

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