Vintage Sewing Machine Music Box


You will surely enjoy using this
vintage music box since it has a mini realistic shape and feels sewing machine in it, with a beautiful black and mahogany colors, it is definitely a masterpiece to have and to own. 

Bring back and reminisce the old days by decorating this antique machine with a musical box. Moreover, it has detailed parts to make it more realistic looking. 

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Your grandparents and parents will certainly remember this old design of a sewing machine.

Some may have one of these kinds of machines in their homes during the past decades.

And it is so nice to recall those days when everything is still manually done. There were no computers yet to make things easier and lighter. 


♫ Realistic Shape ♪: With the music sounded, pedals, leather strap wheels, and needle hole will be rotated.

♫ Exquisite Craftsmanship ♪: This music box is solid with top-quality texture feeling, made from natural environmentally friendly material, no fade.

♫ Lightweight and Easy to Carry ♪: The size of this music box is size, you can play it at Christmas/Valentine's Day/Thanksgiving Day.

♫ How to Use ♪: Music can be heard opening the drawer, closing the drawer and stopping the music.


This vintage sewing machine music box can surely bring delight in your heart.

Likewise, the miniature sewing machine makes this even more unique to decorate on your dresser table.

And by pulling the small drawer, this will give you a sweet melody sound that is good to hear. Moreover, you can place small accessories on this drawer like a finger ring, earrings, or brooch.

With this, you can have a multi-purpose decoration to place on your shelves or bedside table. This can certainly entertain you and it will be a good present for your mother or grandmother.

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To make this vintage sewing machine music box work, you need to turn the winding key at the side first. Then, by opening the drawer, you can enjoy hearing the music it makes.

And as the music plays, the parts of this miniature sewing machine will move. The spool holder and turning wheel will rotate, while the needle will go up and down too.

With this, you will surely love to watch it move and hear its music. And by closing the drawer, the music and the movements will stop.

Do not try to stop or intervene in the movement of the winding key or the parts to avoid damaging it.



  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black + Mahogany
  • Pattern: Sewing machine style
  • Size: approx. 16.5 x 9 x 19.5cm / 6.49" x 3.54" x 7.68"(L x W x H)
  • How to use: Pull the small drawer, music began to ring.


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